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Monday, August 25

National makes no apology for standards policy

National Party Education spokeswoman Anne Tolley is welcoming the opportunity to restate National's determination to lift educational standards to ensure our children are better equipped for the future.

"National standards will give every child access to the best teaching methods for literacy and numeracy. We want more teachers to be taking advantage of the best practice techniques that many of our most successful schools are already using."

Mrs Tolley is responding to statements from the New Zealand Principal Federation criticising National's policy which aims to reduce the number of children who leave school unable to read, write, and do basic maths.

"We have to do more to make sure every child learns the basics required to contribute to the community, the country, and the economy. It's time for every school to use the best methods.

"I am mystified by the Federation's references to National testing. We have explained our policy many times to the sector over the past three years and they know we have not proposed national testing.

"Our national standards policy has been well received by school principals and teachers because it is flexible, and builds on the best-practice methods that are already getting good results."