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Monday, August 4

NZ Wages not enough-National Party said

NATIONAL party leader John Key horried that the gap between the NZ Wages and those in Australia are now wider than they have been in the history.

In his speech to the Annual National Party Conference in Wellington, Mr. Key said more than 35 percent are the gap.

"Some people claim money doesn't matter. The truth is that a lack of money can make things a lot harder for New Zealanders and their families. A lack of financial certainty can put a strain on even the strongest relationships or the best of parents", he said.

He Added that if the NZ will stay on the same growth course and speed. By 2030 the gap between wages in NZ and wages in Australia will have risen to over 60percent.

He said to narrow the gap the first and foremost ,the national is going to cut your taxes.

Mr Key said National will build on those tax cuts. and will treat the proposed October tax cuts as the first tranche in our tax-cut programme. That will be followed by a further tranche of tax reductions on 1 April 2009, and another tranche on 1 April 2010.

He noted that tax plan has been carefully crafted. It reflects our objectives of allowing Kiwis to keep more of their incomes and ensures they face better incentives.
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