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Friday, August 1

Petrol Price down for the fourth time

Due to further decreases in the international price of refined petrol and diesel,The Three big-oil companies have dropped their petrol price for the fourth time in two weeks, yesterday

BP decreased the price of petrol and diesel by 4 cents per litre at company operated outlets.
The price of 91 unleaded in most areas is now 202.9 cents per litre, 95 unleaded is 208.9 cents per litre and diesel 179.9 cents per litre.

Shell and Caltex also dropped their prices by 4c a litre.

The barrel price for US crude oil was US$120.42 this week, the lowest price since May 6 and a US$27 drop from the record high of US$147.27 a barrel on July 11.

Last July 31,for the third time in eight days, Shell New Zealand and BP NZ already drop oil prices for another 4 cent a litre across all of its fuels making