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Thursday, September 25

ANZ announces voluntary redundancies

ANZ National Bank has called for redundancies throughout its branches, according to the banking union Finsec.

The bank called its staff, including those on leave, to meetings this morning for a "major" announcement. Finsec said the bank had announced its intention to cut face to face service to customers by reducing front line branch staff numbers.

It said ANZ National pledged earlier this year to increase front line staffing numbers when it announced its intention to send up to 500 back office jobs to Bangalore, India.

This morning, at the 8.30 meetings, the bank announced a review of the branch network with a view to reducing staff numbers; a freeze on recruitment which will lead to immediate staff reductions through attrition; a reduction in the use of casual staff to cover absences; and a tightening up of overtime being worked.

It also asked front line staff to consider voluntary redundancy.

Finsec campaigns director Andrew Campbell said the bank had lied to its staff and lied to its customers.

"When they announced the offshoring of hundreds of jobs to India they promised to increase frontline staff numbers and customer service," he said.

"At a time when this billion dollar bank continues to make record profits, it should be investing in its front line but once again, it is putting profit before people."

He said the proposals would be bad for customers and staff.

A survey of ANZ National branches conducted late last year showed that there were already significant understaffing issues in their retail network, with 66 percent of staff surveyed saying that understaffing across their team was having a negative impact on customer service.

There has not yet been any public announcement from the bank on the job cuts.

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