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Thursday, September 11

NZ's ETS a fair way to tackle climate change

Legislation for New Zealand's Emissions Trading Scheme will now proceed through Parliament, following successful negotiations with the New Zealand First and Green parties.

Climate change poses a serious threat to New Zealand's economic and environmental wellbeing. The country must play its part in the global effort to reduce the greenhouse gases responsible for a gradual warming of the world's climate. The Emissions Trading Scheme will play a very important role in our efforts to reduce emissions.

New Zealand already has obligations under the Kyoto Protocol to cut its emissions but those obligations need to be met in a fair and equitable way. The Emissions Trading Scheme allows New Zealand to move towards a more sustainable future through efficient use of energy and adoption of new and innovative technology to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere from activities such as industry, forestry and agriculture.

The government has many other programmes to tackle the potential impact of climate change but believes the Emissions Trading Scheme is a responsible, fair and flexible way to reduce our carbon footprint while at the same time protecting our environment and future prosperity.