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Tuesday, September 23

Parliament votes to censure Winston Peters

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has been censured by Parliament on a vote of 62 to 56.

The vote was taken after a two hour debate on a report by the privileges committee which found Mr Peters had knowingly misled Parliament by not declaring a $100,000 donation from businessman Owen Glenn.

During the debate MPs who supported the committee's conclusion explained their reasons, and so did those who did not agree with it.

The committee's call for censure was supported by eight of its members and opposed by five.

Mr Peters, the last speaker in the debate, said the process had been "a banal, useless facade".

Parties that voted in favour of censuring Mr Peters were National, the Greens, the Maori Party, ACT and United Future. Independent MPs Gordon Copeland and Taito Phillip Field also supported censure.

Those voting against it were the Labour Party and New Zealand First.

The Progressive Party abstained.-NZPA