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Friday, October 24

Party coalition a five headed monster-national said

National says if Labour manages to stitch together a multi-party coalition after the election it will potentially be a "five-headed monster".

Based on the latest poll results, Labour could form a government involving The Green Party, The Maori Party, New Zealand First and the Progressives.

National leader John Key is warning of the dangers should that happen.

"I think it's a very clear choice for New Zealanders. Do they want to put in a National government with a fresh view that will work going in one direction with a smaller group of parties. Or do they want a potentially five-headed monster."

Mr Key says such a mix would be a very difficult Government to hold together and manage.

Prime Minister Helen Clark says it shows Mr Key is a bit rattled. She says it is ridiculous, as the National leader is trying to stitch up a Government involving Act, United Future and the Maori Party.

"He knows that any arrangement from National that brings Roger Douglas anywhere near Government is something that people do not want at all. So he's trying to cover that very unpopular fact."

Miss Clark maintains Labour has a real chance of forming the next government, if it can encourage people to vote.

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