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Friday, February 27

Government completes 100-day action plan

The National-led Government’s first 100 days in office is up today with every item in its 100-day Action Plan completed, says Prime Minister John Key.

During the election campaign, National committed to 100 days of action should it form the government.

“Today marks 100 days since my government was sworn in,” says Mr Key. “The plan covered actions on the economy, law and order, education, health, and electoral law.

“Every item has been ticked off. This week the Government announced its voluntary bonding initiatives, Plunketline funding, and our plans to tackle waiting lists.

“I am proud to lead a Government that kept its word and implemented its pre-election commitments, and within the deadline we set.

“However, the Action Plan is not the end. There will be other ideas and initiatives to come, some of which will arise out of the Jobs Summit being held tomorrow in Manukau.” Click here to see the 100 day action plan

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