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Tuesday, February 17

NZ Catholic Bishops supports Victoria Bushifire Campaign

Photo by Peter Edwards

New Zealand bishops are encouraging and supporting priests and parishioners in their initiatives to recognise those impacted by the bushfires in Australia.

This was according to Angela Pyke ,Communication Adviser of New Zealand Catholic Bishop Conference in an email sent to RePress.

She said Last week in the Archdiocese, for example, two Mass services were held at Sacred Heart Cathedral for the victims of the Australian bushfires and all those involved in helping the recovery effort.

"There was also a lunchtime prayer service held at St Mary of the Angels Parish for victims and those caught by the emergency or responding on the frontline",

She added. She also said that iIt is understood that many Catholics have also sent their own messages of support to those affected by the bushfires. On the

Other hand, Seven days after New Zealand Red Cross launched the 2009 Victorian Bushfire Fund, its total now stands at over $1.4 million.