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Tuesday, February 24

PM welcomes bank’s $1 billion jobs fund

Prime Minister John Key welcomes ASB’s announcement this afternoon that it will provide a $1 billion loans facility targeted at keeping and creating employment in small to medium sized businesses.

“The ASB initiative to launch a “Jobs Creation Loan” is just the sort of creative private sector idea I have been seeking in the lead-up to this week’s Jobs Summit.

“I congratulate ASB for its constructive approach, and look forward to seeing its chief executive, Charles Pink, at the summit on Friday.

“As I’ve said many times, the summit is not only about what the Government can do.

“It will bring together people at the coalface of the economy who can make a real difference as we navigate these difficult economic times.

“In addition to policy ideas that the Government can look at and implement, I anticipate the summit will produce other innovative ideas that can help keep, and create, employment.”