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Wednesday, February 4

RMA reforms major blow to NZ- says GreenPeace

Weakening the Resource Management Act (RMA) deals a further blow to New Zealand’s clean green brand, says Greenpeace today.

As Labour Leader Phil Goff said The RMA reforms do nothing to disguise National’s failure to outline a credible economic recovery plan and to confront the environmental challenges New Zealand faces.

According to Greenpeace Politcal Advisor Geoff Keey ,New Zealand’s reputation is already weakened by one of the worst climate change records in the developed world, water pollution from industrial dairying and unsustainable fisheries and oday’s announcement just makes New Zealand look worse.

“The reforms prioritise growth and development over the environment, which is nonsensical when the sustainability of that growth is entirely dependent on the environment. As Tourism Minister, John Key should know that gutting New Zealand’s environment protection law is not going to serve us well in the long term.”

Keey said the Prime Minister should look to UK Conservative Leader David Cameron and new US President Barack Obama, who were both making environmental action a priority. “New Zealand is looking increasingly isolated and behind the times on the world stage.

On the other hand, Labour Environmental spokesperson Nanaia Mahuta said the reforms are a result of a confidence and supply agreement between National and Act. Both these parties have a history of trying to ram through pet projects for their developer mates with scant regard for the public good.