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Thursday, March 26

Nurses to elect members to Nursing Council

Due to controversies ,Front line nursing staff will get more say in the regulation of their profession, Health Minister Tony Ryall announced today.

"From later this year, nurses on the nursing register can elect members of the Nursing Council," Mr Ryall said.

Until now, the six nurses on the council and the two lay people have been appointed by the Minister of Health.

Mr Ryall said, "This move is an important step towards giving nurses greater say in decisions affecting scopes of practice, competence and safety.

"This Government is committed to greater clinical leadership, and this includes trusting nurses to elect some of the Nursing Council."

In September, elections will be held for two of the six health professionals on the council and they will serve a two year term.

When the next elections are held in 2011 there will be three positions open for election for a term of three years.

"Elected members will help foster greater professional confidence and trust in the Council with nurses," Mr Ryall said.

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