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Wednesday, March 4

Report shows former ministers exonerated

National’s claims that the last Government ran a deliberate strategy of leaving “nasty surprises” behind have been proven wrong by the report on the ministerial inquiry into ACC released today, says Labour MP Maryan Street.

Maryan Street said the report exonerated her actions as former ACC Minister and those of her colleague, former Finance Minister Michael Cullen and made it clear National was intent on misleading the public to create a case for privatisation of ACC.

“The report found officials did not provide the appropriate advice to both herself and Finance Minister Michael Cullen and makes recommendations around improving Treasury, Department of Labour and ACC processes as a result,” Maryan Street said.

“Treasury in particular failed to uphold properly its responsibilities under the Public Finance Act and we welcome the fact that Treasury Secretary John Whitehead has accepted responsibility for that and is to make the appropriate changes.

“It is therefore remarkable that despite the findings of the report and the fact that Treasury has taken responsibility for what happened, Finance Minister Bill English is still trying to blame former government ministers.”

“If the report’s author Michael Mills had believed his report made adverse findings against either myself or Dr Cullen, natural justice dictates he would have been duty-bound to show us the report before it was released. This didn’t happen,” Maryan Street said.

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