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Tuesday, April 28

Mexican Swine Influenza - Update Eight

ndividuals who travelled to the United States of America (USA) or Mexico who develop flu like symptoms within two weeks of returning to New Zealand are being followed up by health authorities and being medically assessed, treated with the anti-viral medicine tamiflu and kept in isolation at home.

A good example of this is an 18 month old child whose family is currently at home in isolation after recently returning from the areas of concern. The child developed a fever was sent to the emergency department, assessed and returned home last night. The child is being tested for influenza A.

As a result of the negative test results for the three individuals travelling from Northcote College health authorities will no longer be actively following up passengers from Saturday's NZ5 flight.

Individuals on that flight are now advised they no longer need to remain at home and they are given the same advice as others who have recently returned from the areas of concern are asked to seek medical advice if they develop symptoms.

Auckland public health staff are continuing to meet and screen passengers arriving in Auckland from Mexico and the USA.

Public health staff are also continuing to contact trace individuals on Air New Zealand flight NZ1 that arrived in New Zealand on Saturday from Los Angeles.

Further updates and developments will be provided by the Ministry of Health throughout the day.

Please attribute these comments to Ministry of Health National Emergency Planning Coordinator Steve Brazier.
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