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Thursday, May 28

Budget puts New Zealand on strong footing-PM says

The National-led Government's Budget will help put New Zealand on the road to recovery, Prime Minister John Key says.

"The Budget puts in place policies that will help ensure that the New Zealand economy emerges strongly from the current recession and provides a platform for strong growth, higher incomes and quality public services.

"The National-led Government has a clear vision for the future and a clear plan.

"The Budget's three main aims are to improve public services and help New Zealanders through the recession, lift productivity and raise the country's international competitiveness, and take steps to keep government debt under control.

"A strong focus of Budget 2009 is on maintaining existing entitlements such as National Superannuation, Working for Families and welfare benefits, despite the difficult economic circumstances we face.

"I have always said I'm ambitious for New Zealand, and, despite the serious economic challenges we face, I continue to be ambitious and positive for this country's future.

"That does not mean that I am blind to the challenges. But I believe the policies in the Budget put New Zealand on a stronger footing for growth, which will lift New Zealanders' incomes and opportunities."

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