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Friday, May 1

New Zealand very safe to travel- PM Key said

Prime Minister and Tourism Minister John Key today said it was important to keep the outbreak in perspective and that it was highly likely that most countries would have some outbreak of swine flu.

He said New Zealand was handling it well and had high stocks of Tamiflu.

Mr Key said New Zealand had got on top of cases quickly.

Mr Key said his view was that it was still “very safe” to travel to New Zealand,

The New Zealand government has moved quickly to respond to cases of Swine Flu in New Zealand.   A total of 14 people in New Zealand have tested positive for Influenza Aand are being treated as having Swine Flu.  

As soon as the Government was notified of suspected cases from students visiting Mexico, it moved quickly to put students in isolation and treat them.  

All those who tested positive are reported to be recovering well.  In addition, the Government is monitoring everyone from the flight the students were on plus an additional group of people who have been in Mexico or the US who have shown flu like symptoms. All these people have been treated (given Tamiflu) and told to stay at home.

The New Zealand Government says this is a matter the Government is treating with the utmost caution and concern.  This is a threat NZ has planned for and, as a result was able to respond quickly and effectively.

Within New Zealand it is business as usual, and people are just getting on with life. The Government’s position is that this situation is a concern which they are managing carefully, but that there is no need to panic.

People within New Zealand and visitors are being advised to take normal health precautions.  Systems are in place to care for anybody (New Zealanders and visitors) who develops swine flu.

All New Zealand international airports are open and operating normally and that there have been no cancellations of international services into New Zealand as a result of the influenza outbreak.   The tourism industry is operating as normal.  

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