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Tuesday, May 19


The identity of the intensive piggery at the centre of a national investigationwhich has left Mike King and most New Zealanders disgusted and horrifiedwill be revealed by the national animal advocacy organisation SAFE today.

SAFE says it will disclose the identity of the farm to the Minister ofAgriculture tomorrow in order for MAF to investigate, however the groupmaintains the North Island piggery is a typical sow stall operation andis unlikely to be breaking the law.SAFE can reveal the owner is a leading pig industry representative andformer director of the New Zealand Pork Industry Board, who owns fivepiggeries.

“The owner of the intensive piggery at the centre of public outrage is norogue farmer. He owns several intensive piggeries worth an estimated$4m. This farm has previously been investigated by MAF, who foundnothing in breach of the law. The farm is disgusting but appears to beoperating within the law, so we doubt if MAF will find anything differentthis time,” says SAFE campaign director Hans Kriek.

SAFE was surprised to hear comments from the chairman of the NewZealand Pork Industry Board denying ever seeing similar conditions onother intensive pig farms with sow stalls.

Chris Trengrove said on Close Up tonight:

“I have not been on a farm that looks anything like that. We are horrifiedas well. We support the 
minister in investigating that farm.”

“SAFE says over 22,000 pregnant sows live in sow stalls in New Zealandand suffer the same fate as those pigs on the exposed piggery. Other pigfarms may look a bit cleaner but the cages are just as small and cruel,”says Mr Kriek.