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Friday, June 26

Philippines Embassy mums over the Kiwi Broadcaster jokes

Philippines Embassy in Wellington mums over the alleged jokes of Kiwi Broadcaster Dave Smart that Filipinos are slaves and servant.

As of press time, The Repress never heared any statements regarding the issues and this blog already tried to contact the embassy through their website but no reply made.

Even the Radio Networks who owned the Classic Hits FM, no apologies made this was according to one of the member of Wellington Pinoy group Eric Mana.

" Some friends told me that the show aired as usual today. No apologies made.I believe that those working in inhumane "slave" conditions are doing so not to their liking.they are simply doing their best to secure a better future of their families back home. its not something we are proud about to be labeled as katulong or utusan or DH, but it provides 3 square meals for our families and help in their schooling (hopefully a better future)" Mana said.

However,Mr. Jun Hernandez said the Radio management has already acknowledge their mistake.

"I'm just discussing with them the format of the apology that will be sent to the Filipino community. I will share the apology letter with everyone onces I get it", Mr Hernandez added.

To recall,Last Wednesday Kiwi broadcaster Dave Smart makes a joke regarding a Filipino Boy. The joke implied that a Filipino boy is another term for a servant or slave.

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