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Saturday, August 15

The Media is Dying.-TNZ

Traditional media is dying but that’s an opportunity for the tourism industry according to Jane Dent, Tourism New Zealand General Manager International PR.

Speaking at the Inbound Tour Operators Council (ITOC) annual conference in Gisborne this week, Jane Dent told a crowd of about 200 people that with the demise of traditional media, international media outlets are desperate for content and Tourism New Zealand has moved in to meet that demand.

She said in the last year, in the United States alone, about 120 newspapers have closed or gone entirely online. More than 24,000 journlists and media professionals have lost their jobs. In the United Kingdom more than half the newspapers could be shut by 2014.

"But that’s an opportunity for all of us to push our own content into the media," said Jane Dent.

As a result Tourism New Zealand has set up its own global news room ( to try and generate more stories about New Zealand. It is using its staff and PR agencies to share ideas and monitor international news for events that can help profile New Zealand positively.

Successes to date include stories that have been generated through bungy’s 20th birthday, getting the British Twitchhiker to New Zealand and hosting a Bollywood actress and the Indian international cricket team in New Zealand.

"Quirky, unique, newsy, funny, celebrity stories, luxury, wildlife, New Zealand as home of the next Rugby World Cup: these are all stories we are looking to build on and get into the international media. And with the Hobbit films being shot over the next couple of years, there is also a chance to raise New Zealand's profile once again as 'Home of Middle Earth'."

And the message for the New Zealand tourism industry? Keep us in the loop, tell us what you’re doing and we can try and make your story go further.

"You’ve heard of the stadium of four million people. We want New Zealand to be a newsroom of four million people."
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