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Thursday, September 3

Collins blowing smoke on Police stations closure plans

Police Minister Judith Collins’ attempted defence of plans to close police stations due to Budget cuts are laughable, Labour law and order spokesman Clayton Cosgrove says.

“This afternoon she claimed she was building stations not closing them. She said: “this Government has already opened five new police stations this year, with a sixth - in Christchurch South - due to be opened on September 11," Clayton Cosgrove said.

“The fact is these stations were funded and built under Labour. Her only involvement has been to cut the ribbon and have her name etched on the plaque.

“Between 1999 and 2008 under Labour, 34 extra police stations were built or refurbished in communities across New Zealand.

“Judith Collins is desperately trying to obscure the closure plans, which would not have come to light without media probing.

“If she really was serious about not making further cuts then she would have acted months ago to tell Police the option was unacceptable. Instead, seven month after she received the Cabinet paper containing the option it is still being worked on, as police confirmed today,” Clayton Cosgrove said.