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Tuesday, September 1

Government wants taxpayers to pay twice for emissions-greens says

The Government's plan for the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) will mean that ordinary kiwis will have to pay twice for their emissions, the Green Party said today.

"Far from choosing the most cost effective option, the Government is planning for failure, with kiwis picking up the tab," said Jeanette Fitzsimons, Green Party Climate Change Spokesperson.

"It will see our emissions continue to climb unchecked, with no incentive to reduce them."

"Kiwis will have to pay for their own emissions up front via their electricity and petrol bills, and then pay for those of our largest polluters, via their taxes."

The Report of the Emissions Trading Scheme Review Committee shows that National's plan is for polluters to get more free credits the more they pollute, and for a price cap to be put on carbon, shutting forestry out of the market.

"The current ETS will become the sceptic's ETS, as only the Act Party could support intensity based allocation," Ms Fitzsimons said.

"What the Government is proposing is the biggest wealth transfer in New Zealand history from the taxpayer to the big polluters.

"It would be easier and cheaper if the National Party just wrote some big cheques and handed them to our largest foreign-owned companies.

"It is an outrage that a scheme meant to tackle the most pressing issue of our generation has been high jacked to line the pockets of the wealthy corporations, rather than protect the most vulnerable, our children.

"The Green Party had great difficulty supporting the weak scheme put forward by Labour. It will be much easier to reject this time around," Ms Fitzsimons said.

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