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Friday, October 9

Key challenged to match Norway's 40% climate target

Norway's newly re-elected Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has just announced a 40% emission reductions target at the UN climate talks in Bangkok, upping the pressure on developed countries like New Zealand to do the same.
“This announcement shines a spotlight on New Zealand's weak target,” said Greenpeace Political Adviser Geoff Keey from the UN climate talks in Bangkok. “Prime Minister Stoltenberg has laid down a challenge to his peers and
John Key should take it up. Already we have seen Japan massively increase its target." (1)

"Norway’s announcement that it will increase its emissions reduction target to 40% by 2020 is the type of political will needed to move the climate talks forward to a strong deal in Copenhagen. John Key should respond positively by immediately agreeing to a 40% target and taking it to Copenhagen."

“Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has shown the leadership we need from the rest of the developed world. That he has made this target a condition of a strong Copenhagen climate agreement is a clear indication that he wants to move the talks forward."

"This stands in stark contrast with New Zealand's approach to the negotiations. While Norway has stepped up in these negotiations, New Zealand has threatened to drastically reduce its already weak target range if it doesn't get what it wants." (2)

Norway’s new target will be formally announced at the climate talks in Bangkok over the next few hours.