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Monday, October 5

Open Letter from Medilito Panalagao Seeking Urgent Support for Wife's Hospitalisation

Our friends from Migrante Aotearoa sent us an email in behalf of a distressed Filipino worker and his family. Requesting for prayers and support for Medilito Panalagao ,one of the employees made redundant under Telecom’s new contracting model with Visionstream.

Here is the open letter :

I am Medilito K. Panalagao, a former employee of Transfield who has been made redundant and still jobless. I appeal to all of you because I would like to beg something from all of you.
I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your help financially to support a really big problem I am facing right now regarding my wife who is in the hospital in the Philippines .
She has been diagnosed to have a mediastinal mass infection, and they cannot make a diagnosis to find out what is wrong with her unless they do a biopsy.
She is throwing up blood, very unwell, cannot breathe properly and needs an oxygen mask to breathe. They don’t know what is wrong with her, they need a biopsy to find out what’s wrong with her lungs.
To get this done, I need to pay my wife’s hospital bills urgently which is amounting to NZ$6700. They are not willing to do this unless I pay. I have already paid NZ$1700, I still need to pay $5000 to cover her hospital costs. The hospital advised that they will not continue the treatment of my wife unless I pay the full amount.

I would also like to share what she told me last night which really broke my heart… When I spoke to her, she asked me, “Why are they bringing me back to the Intensive Care Unit? Am I dying?” Hearing how sick my wife is, my partner in life, the one I love, the one I married… I told myself I will do everything to save her. I promised her that I will do everything and I told her to be not afraid, because if God wills her to survive, she will.

I love my wife more than anything else, she’s the woman I promised my life to, and I will do everything I can to save her, even if it means to beg each and everyone of you to help me. If I can kneel in front of each and everyone of you… I would. So I beg all of you to PLEASE help me. My wife may be cured, but only money is stopping her from being cured. I cannot let my wife go just like that. I cannot allow her to pass away just because of money. Please help my wife, I beg all of you.

For those who wish to extend financial assistance to help Medilito’s wife, donate at Westpac Account Number 031527-00285220-00

Dennis Maga
National Coordinator
Migrante Aotearoa

34 Titirangi Rd, New Lynn , Auckland 1007
+64 9 8276059

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