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Tuesday, October 27

Review of ACC’s approach to sensitive claims

ACC Minister Nick Smith today announced that he has requested that ACC commission an independent clinical review in six months' time of its new approach to managing sensitive claims.

The new approach, which began today, is the result of more than four years work and reflects evidence-based clinical guidelines developed by Massey University.

"The driver for these changes has always been to provide survivors of sexual abuse or sexual assault who have a mental injury with a better level of assistance, and to help them achieve a more timely and successful recovery," Dr Smith said.

"It is important the community has full confidence in the services provided by ACC and that is why I have asked ACC to commission an independent clinical review to ensure ACC is on the right track with the changes it has made to managing sensitive claims.

"ACC has agreed to do this clinical review to make sure those who are entitled to this help are receiving the best possible assistance."

Dr Smith said more details about the review - including who will oversee it - will be released at a later date.