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Monday, November 30

2025 Taskforce Report welcomed

The 2025 Taskforce's report clearly identifies the issues New Zealand needs to tackle to achieve higher wages and a better standard of living, Regulatory Reform Minister Rodney Hide said today.

Under the chairmanship of Dr Don Brash, the Taskforce was charged with recommending ways to improve productivity and close the income gap with Australia.

"That income gap is one of the reasons we lose so many talented, hard-working New Zealanders every year,"Mr Hide said. 

"The Taskforce has clearly identified the tough issues we need to face as a country to achieve the better future we all want. 

"For too long New Zealand governments have put off dealing with the big issues that must be addressed if we are to improve wages and living standards, including taxation, superannuation, spending, and the effectiveness of the public sector.

"The private sector has been hamstrung by regulation.  We've started cutting that back, but there's a lot more to do.  The public sector has significantly under-performed, and that is holding the country back.  The Government needs to tackle these issues if we are to make progress. 

"The Taskforce's report makes it clear where the problems lie and presents solutions.  The challenge for the Government is to deliver those solutions.  The longer it waits, the more opportunities we lose and the harder it gets to achieve the standard of living New Zealanders aspire to."

Mr Hide said the quality of the report reflects the high calibre of the Taskforce's members and their commitment to succeed in achieving their goal.

The establishment of the 2025 Taskforce was a key component in the ACT-National Confidence and Supply Agreement. 

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