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Friday, November 27

Don't Hold Your Breath

The release today by Finance Minister Bill English on challenges for the 2010 Budget demonstrates that he is very effective at blaming the Labour Party for our poor economic performance, but not very good at doing anything about it, ACT New Zealand Finance Spokesman Sir Roger Douglas said today.

"On one level his criticism is fair – Labour's management was absolutely atrocious – but on the other hand Mr English cannot keep blaming Labour when he refuses to do what's needed," Sir Roger said.

"There are ten areas of Government expenditure which have essentially doubled in the past five years including Racing, Communications, Environment and State Services. If Bill practised what he preaches, these areas would be scaled back rather than ‘modestly' increased over the coming years.

"Labour were willing to ramp up expenditure and tax us to the hilt to pay for it. National have so far been no better. Bill understands the problem, but I'm not holding my breath while I wait for him to do anything about it," Sir Roger said.