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Monday, November 23

NZ Schoolgirls using RU486 may face Complications- study said

 At least 20 percent of women using the abortion drug RU486 suffer at least one significant complication.

A new study in Finland published in the October issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology, has found out or
nearly 4 percent reported two or more complications.

“NZ parents should be concerned about this Finnish study,” says Catherine Gillies, Voice for Life national president. “Family Planning in Hamilton has applied to the Abortion Supervisory Committee for a license to provide RU486 medical abortions at their clinic.”

“The application is being supported by the Waikato District Health Board and if granted will eventually lead to all 30 Family Planning clinics nationwide providing RU486 abortions.”

“We know that these clinics currently refer pregnant schoolgirls for surgical abortions. The Finnish study found that the risk of hemorrhage with RU486 abortions was eight times higher, while the likelihood of an incomplete abortion was five times higher.”

“Under the Guardianship Act, parents do not need to be told if their 16 and under daughter is referred for an abortion. Thus if their daughter is one of the 20 percent that experiences complications, they may not find out unless she lands in hospital.”

Since RU486 medical abortions were introduced overseas, there have been 13 recorded deaths: three in the UK, eight in the U.S., one in Canada and Sweden.

The latest death in 2005, was Manon Jones, an 18-year old Welsh student who took RU486 six weeks into her pregnancy and later died after seizures and cardiac arrest.

Manon’s mother Llywela told the Coroner’s Court: “She was scared and I tried to reassure her. It was a very emotional experience for us both to witness her pass her baby and my grandchild into the bedpan.”

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