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Friday, December 4


The Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC) has welcomed the Liquor Licensing Authority’s (LLA) toughening up on convenience stores classifying themselves as grocery stores in order sell alcohol.
In a decision released this week, the LLA said Victoria Night 'n Day Foodstore in Christchurch was not a grocery store and would probably have its liquor licence application declined when it came up for renewal in March unless the company changed the nature of its business.

“We congratulate the LLA,” said ALAC Chief Executive Officer Gerard Vaughan. “The licensing of convenience stores is too far removed from the original intent of the Sale of Liquor Act.

“The relevant section of the Act was to allow grocery stores, like supermarkets, the ability to offer customers shopping for food, groceries and other household items, the ability to purchase alcohol at the same time.

“Parliament never envisaged licensing a myriad of outlets, who are in the business of selling convenience items such as chippies, soft drinks and open 24 hours a day seven days a week, also being given a licence to sell alcohol.”