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Thursday, December 10

Consultation on Input Methodologies extended

The Commerce Commission has released two revised process papers today, following the granting of an extension to the timeframe for determining Input Methodologies and the Information Disclosure Requirements for Airports.

The Minister of Commerce granted the Commission an extension of six months, allowing for completion of the Input Methodologies by 31 December 2010, and a determination on Information Disclosure for Airports by 1 January 2011.

“The Commission has made good progress on implementing Part 4 of the Commerce Act. However, a significant number of interested parties recommended that the Commission seek this extension.

The extension will enable more in-depth engagement on detailed technical issues including workshops on proposals for input methodologies specific to each regulated service. We believe this will result in a more robust outcome for the sectors and ultimately consumers,” said Commerce Commission Chair Dr Mark Berry.

As a result of the extension, the Commission has redesigned the process and timeframes for input methodologies (and correspondingly for airports information disclosure) to ensure that there is ample time for all parties to have their say.

The Commission has also released a revised process for making its recommendation to the Minister of Commerce on the type of price-quality regulation to apply to Transpower following the expiry of the existing agreement. The Commission is consulting on this proposal.