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Monday, December 14

New Zealand getting left behind in Copenhagen - Green Part

New Zealand’s climate change targets are well below those being proposed at Copenhagen, said the Green Party today.

“I have seen the draft negotiating text being discussed at Copenhagen. New Zealand’s stated targets are well below the four potential targets in the draft text,” said Green Party MP Jeanette Fitzsimons from Copenhagen.

“New Zealand needs to be part of the global agreement that is taking shape and do its fair share to fight climate change.”

The draft text at Copenhagen also contains a requirement that countries primarily reduce their emissions at home.

“New Zealand needs to listen to the world and start working on reducing our emissions at home, rather than the Government’s current approach of focussing on buying expensive carbon credits overseas,” said Ms Fitzsimons.

“There is a lot that New Zealand can do to make big cuts to our carbon emissions at a reasonable cost. In the long run this will help put the New Zealand economy on a sustainable footing and will maintain our priceless clean green reputation,” said Ms Fitzsimons.
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