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Monday, December 7

Summer safety urged on the roads

Wellington District Police are hoping motorists will remember six road safety messages to help them stay safe this Christmas.

With the traditional holiday season drinks and outings, people should organise a sober driver early to ensure everyone gets home safely.

"Alcohol and speed are factors in the majority of accidents in the Wellington Policing District," says District Road Policing Manager, Inspector Peter Baird.

"Our messages remain largely the same but become even more important at such a busy time of year. Alcohol and speed contributes to needless road fatalities and injuries. The Traffic Alcohol Group will be very active during the festive season to remove drink drivers from our roads before harm can come to them or others."

Inspector Baird recommends that motorists remain aware of the changing weather conditions they are driving in and observe safe following distances. He says Police will also be watching motorists and their passengers to ensure they are wearing seat belts.

Fatigue can have serious effects especially on longer trips or on younger drivers who enjoy the nightlife and sleep less. In more serious cases, fatigue causes drivers to drift across the centre line or off the road entirely.

"A fatigued motorist's reactions become slower and their concentration is reduced. If you're tired, your driving can be as dangerous as a drink driver. Share the driving, take regular breaks to stretch and get fresh air or take a short nap."

Travel safely on our roads
• Don't drink and drive
• Drive to the conditions
• Keep within the speed limit
• Beware of driver fatigue
• Wear your seatbelt
• Allow travel time for heavier traffic conditions and congestion

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