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Tuesday, January 19

Poll shows New Zealanders don't want Prince Charles

"The New Zealand Herald's poll on the monarchy today shows 59.6% of New Zealanders don't want Prince Charles to be their head of state" said Lewis Holden, chair of the Republican Movement.

The poll asks what should happen when Queen Elizabeth's reign ends. 30.2% of those surveyed want Prince William as their next head of state, while 29.4% want a republic.

"While the result is devastating for Charles, it shows the great flaw of the monarchy. No-one gets to choose who our head of state is. Even if one in three New Zealanders want Prince William as their head of state, they don't get a choice either way. Prince Charles will be our King, and the popularity of the monarchy will inevitably decline" concluded Mr Holden.


The Herald Readers' Panel poll surveyed 2,000 people and was conducted by the Nielsen Company between December 10 and 17.
When Queen Elizabeth II dies or abdicates, who should replace her as New Zealand's head of state?
Prince Charles - 33.3 per cent
Prince William - 30.2 per cent
Another royal - 1 per cent
NZ to be a republic - 29.4 per cent
No opinion - 6 per cent