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Tuesday, February 23

Householders deserve a choice with smart meters

Meters will be smarter and householders will be given more control over their power bills, thanks to the Smart Meters (Consumer Choice) Bill being drawn from the ballot, the Green Party said today.

“I am pleased to be able to give consumers more choice and save them
money,” Green MP Dave Clendon said.

The Member’s Bill drawn today gives effect to the recommendations from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s report Smart electricity meters: How households and the environment can benefit (June 2009). 

Dr Jan Wright has expressed disappointment that householders are being told by electricity companies they can’t have a really smart electricity meter installed.

“The Bill ensures smart meters really will be smart and that consumers are offered a choice of tariffs and information that give them power to control their electricity costs.”

“Electricity and lines companies are installing smart meters without any smarts. This has to stop.

“The Green Party supports the introduction of smart meters, but the consumer shouldn’t be left behind in the rush.

“Just this week we have been bombarded with more bad news about electricity price rises. My Bill will give the consumer the power to fight back.

“I look forward to cross-party support for this sensible extension of consumer choice,” Mr Clendon said.

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