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Sunday, February 28

National Advisory:Tsunami Threat to NZ

Monitored tidal gauges continue to show wave action of up to 1 metre on the east coast of the North and South Islands and at the Chatham Islands. There is no indication of any decrease in wave amplitude.

Scientific advice is that there is still a likelihood of surges and rapid sea level changes over the 24 hours after the initial wave arrivals. Wave heights could be larger than what we have currently experienced but within the threat levels and wave height estimates that have been previously forecast. The Ministry of Civil Defence& Emergency Management will keep the advisory in place overnight and will review this at 0800 hours on Monday 1 March 2010.

Strong currents could still be expected in harbours and restricted waterways. The Chatham Islands and Banks Peninsula could still expect wave heights of between 1 and 3 metres. The risks to people in boats and on beaches for coastal communities in the east coast of the North and South Island and particularly Chatham Islands and Banks Peninsula remains.

Only messages issued by MCDEM represent the official warning status for New Zealand. Local civil defence authorities may supplement these messages by applying a local threat assessment.