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Tuesday, March 9

Census Dress Rehearsal takes place today

Statistics New Zealand’s 2010 Census Dress Rehearsal is taking place today,
with over 8,000 households in west and central Auckland, Gisborne, Wellington, and mid-Canterbury participating.

The dress rehearsal is designed to fine-tune processes and identify any potential problems with distributing forms, collecting data, and processing results, so solutions can be implemented in time for the full Census of Population and Dwellings in March 2011.

One of the main emphases for the 2010 Dress Rehearsal is promotion of the
online option.

“Completing census forms online is secure, quick and easy. If everyone in the household completes their forms online then a collector doesn’t need to call back,” says General Manager, 2011 Census Carol Slappendel.

More information about the census and dress rehearsal is available at