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Tuesday, March 16

Dip in republic support expected: Republican Movement

"The polling by Research New Zealand showing a dip in support for New Zealand becoming a republic to 32% is expected after a Prince William's royal tour" said Lewis Holden, chair of the Republican Movement.

Following Prince William's visit in 2005, a survey by The Press found 27% of New Zealanders supported a republic. Support for a republic eventually recovered, peaking at 47% in a survey by The Sunday Star-Times in 2006. Support for the monarchy is also in long-term decline. In 1992, TVNZ found three-quarters of New Zealanders supported the monarchy.

"That figure has now decreased to just on 50%, with some surveys showing it to be even less. Significantly, once Prince Charles is added in support drops even further. The reality is Charles will become King before William under all usual circumstances" concluded Mr Holden.