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Saturday, March 20

Republican Movement Clarification on Flag-Burning Protest

NZPA is reporting that two members of the Republican Movement are being investigated by police for burning a New Zealand flag at parliament. The initial report was incorrect. The Republican Movement does not endorse breaking the law or burning New Zealand's flag, and no member of the Republican Movement was involved in today's protest.

"The protest is more than likely by members of the 'Republic of New Zealand Party', a fringe group that uses the debate for its own purposes. They are a separate entity. Most of its members are associated in some way with the men's rights movement" said Lewis Holden, chair of the Republican Movement.

Republic of New Zealand Party activist Jack Gielen burnt a New Zealand flag in Hamilton on Waitangi Day. The group also staged a noisy protest at the opening of the Supreme Court.

"The Republican Movement thanks NZPA for now correcting the story" concluded Mr Holden.