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Wednesday, May 12

Silver Fern visa quota fills in 30 minutes

The popularity of the new Silver Fern visa shows the Government has the right policy settings to attract skilled young people to New Zealand, says Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman.

Applications for the Silver Fern visa recently opened and all 300 places were filled within 30 minutes. Applications were received from a wide range of countries, with the highest numbers from India, China and the United Kingdom.

‘'The speed in which the quota was filled highlights the attractiveness of the Silver Fern visa and New Zealand's reputation as a great destination for skilled young people,'' Dr Coleman says.

‘'We're in competition with other countries for enticing young, skilled people and the Silver Fern visa is doing just that.

‘'The visa provides applicants a nine-month job search permit, and once they find skilled employment, they can stay for a further two years while they apply for residence. This provides employers with the security of knowing their employee can remain here long-term.

‘'This will create a pathway to residence for young skilled people, who want to come to New Zealand to further develop their careers, and potentially to settle permanently,'' Dr Coleman says.

The visa is specifically targeted at people aged between 20 and 35 with a bachelor's degree or a trade qualification with two years' work experience. The visa is designed so that people who meet the requirements upfront will be likely candidates for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category.

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