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Tuesday, June 22

Sir Paul McCartney: End the cruel slaughter of whales!

WSPA New Zealand’s Country Manager, Bridget Vercoe said, “In a perverse attempt to save some whales, the IWC is considering signing a death warrant for almost 13,000 whales over the next 10 years. This misguided proposal would resuscitate the world’s dying whaling industries and would be a huge step backwards for animal welfare and conservation globally.’

The proposal would endorse the killing of up to 760 minke and fin whales by Norway and Iceland each year in the north Atlantic. Contrary to claims by proponents, it would realise no significant overall reduction in the number of whales killed, at the cost of legitimising an inherently and unacceptably inhumane industry.

Bridget continued: “Our recent footage of a Norwegian whale hunt shows the cruel realities of commercial whaling - using exploding harpoons to blast holes in fully conscious animals is not something any civilised society should consider endorsing. All eyes are on Agadir as the plan to legalise this cruelty to animals is discussed.”
WSPA and other members of the Whalewatch network will be working hard to lobby governments to derail this dangerous deal, and instead encourage a healthy focus on the IWC’s future as a body to manage whale conservation and whale watching.

Sir Paul concluded: “The best future for our relationship with whales is watching, not hunting.”