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Thursday, July 15

Govt relies on rain and recession to reduce emissions

The Green Party says John Key’s Government is relying on heavy rain and recession to lower greenhouse emissions, while simultaneously building more motorways.

“We hear lots of talk about emissions reductions, but the Government’s actions are creating a different future,” Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman said.

The latest edition of the New Zealand Energy Greenhouse Gas Emissions boasts a seven percent reduction in energy-related emissions, attributed to rain-filled hydro lakes and the recession, which impacted transport and industry.

“Relying on good luck rather than good management is a recipe for disaster,” Dr Norman said.

“The billions currently being spent on motorways is effectively a subsidy to the road freight industry.

“Spending the same amount on rail or shipping infrastructure would actually cut our emissions.

“A modest fuel economy standard would also achieve better transport results without having to hide behind a recession.

“And weakening the Emissions Trading Scheme, which subsidises polluters, will also contribute to an increase in emissions.

“While the picture looks rosy today, in the long run, we’re going backwards.

“Relying on rain and recession to reduce emissions won’t work,” Dr Norman said.