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Wednesday, July 21

Unfair labour changes will affect all, say nurses

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) warns that labour changes announced by the Government today will affect all New Zealanders.

"Extending the 90 day trial to all employers will effect more than workers," said NZNO CEO Geoff Annals.

"Changes to the 90 day trial period will mean that any new job is effectively only a three month contract. Innovation will be stifled as workers who are currently have permanent employment choose not to take up new opportunities. Both employers and workers will suffer -and ultimately the economy will suffer too."

"New health workers entering the workforce will face uncertainty and stress as they enter the health sector, and overseas positions will be more secure than a job in New Zealand. And at the same time, filling any nursing shortages in New Zealand with overseas nursing staff will become more difficult; a 90 day trial period is not an incentive to accept a position in a different country."

"We are also concerned that the 90 day trial period may mean that employers may not be so willing to provide proper training during that time. The implications for the health sector are dire; if nurses and caregivers are not trained properly the health outcomes for all New Zealanders will be at risk. NZNO believes that right care must be provided in the right place at the right time."