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Thursday, August 26

Local Elections enrolment numbers

A total of 2.956 million people are enrolled to vote in the local elections, or 91.3 percent of the eligible population, the Elections New Zealand released the data yesterday.

The electoral rolls for the 2010 local elections closed on Friday 20 August.

The Electoral Enrolment Centre has provided the details of these people to electoral officers around the country to send out voting papers in the mail for the local council and district health board elections.

2010 Local Elections enrolment numbers

91.3 percent of eligible voters enrolled (91.8 percent in 2007)
2,956,531 people enrolled (2,850,998 in 2007)

Main centre city council enrolment numbers

Auckland Council - 961,536 or 90.1 percent enrolled

Hamilton City Council - 93,112 or 89.2 percent enrolled

Wellington City Council - 136,098 or 87.9 percent enrolled

Christchurch City Council - 256,645 or 89.0 percent enrolled

Dunedin City Council - 86,400 or 86.9 percent enrolled

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