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Monday, November 15

Parties must turn talk into action on MPs expenses

Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei will raise an independent overhaul of MPs' expenses and entitlements at the Parliamentary Services Committee on Wednesday night.

"All the political parties need to commit to an independent overhaul of the system to help keep New Zealand politics honest," said Mrs Turei.

"The current system isn't working and it is undermining public confidence in Parliament. The other political parties need to commit to change."

John Key and Phil Goff have recently publicly stated that the current system is not working well, added Mrs Turei.

"I look forward to the other political parties supporting my proposal for an independent overhaul of the system. It is time for them to step up and do what's right."

"The public deserve a system that is simple, clear and fair. Our proposal is that an independent body is set up and tasked with developing a transparent system that clearly separates remuneration and legitimate work expenses.

"The Green Party started the move to greater transparency over a year ago by putting our expenses into the public arena. This move was then followed by the Speaker.

"We have consistently called for an independent overhaul of the whole system so that the public can have confidence in it. It is time for the other parties to back this call," said Mrs Turei.