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Friday, August 12

Population growth lowest for a decade

New Zealand's estimated resident population increased 0.9 percent (37,500) in the year ended 30 June 2011 to reach 4,405,300, Statistics New Zealand said today.

This is the lowest rate of population growth for a June year since 2001, when the population increased 0.6 percent (22,700).

"Natural increase (excess of births over deaths) was 33,600, the lowest for a June year since 2007. The lower natural increase was due to both lower births and higher deaths," Population Statistics manager Andrea Blackburn said.

Permanent and long-term net migration has decreased by 77 percent compared with the previous June year. The drop in net migration, from 16,500 to 3,900, was largely due to an increase (22 percent) in permanent and long-term departures.

"The combination of a reduction in both natural increase and net migration has produced New Zealand's lowest population growth for a decade," said Mrs Blackburn.