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Friday, November 4

Valet parking at Wellington Airport to continue

Wellington Airport wishes to assure all airport users that a valet parking service will continue to operate and will be available to passengers travelling on all airlines.

The Airport and Air New Zealand have been in lengthy discussions regarding their licence to operate a valet parking service.

Wellington Airport proposed an access charge based on the number of parks actually being used by Air New Zealand’s valet operation. Currently the airline pays for 27 car parks, but parks up to 300 cars in and around an aircraft hangar.

The change proposed was subsequently reviewed by the Commerce Commission at Air NZ’s request, and the principle was supported.

Air New Zealand has chosen not to discuss the alternative arrangements that have been put forward by Wellington Airport, including options to maintain the Koru Valet product in the same location at the same cost to the passenger.

Other valet operators are interested in providing a service at Wellington airport and existing valet customers can be assured that an equivalent service will continue to operate.