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Thursday, May 24

Green Party supports living wage campaign

The Green Party supports the Living Wage Aotearoa New Zealand campaign which has been launched today.

The Service and Food Workers Union Nga Ringa Tota initiated the Living Wage campaign. This campaign will focus on combating poverty and inequality through advocating for better pay rates for low paid workers. Overseas successful living wage campaigns have resulted in commitments from local and central governments and corporates to pay a living wage.

"A living wage pays enough for families to be able to feed and clothe their children, and pay their bills," Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei said today.
"Recent small increases in the minimum wage have done very little to assist the hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders struggling to make ends meet."

The Green Party wants to see an increase in the minimum wage, first to $15 an hour and eventually to two thirds of the average wage.

"Lifting pay rates for New Zealand's lowest paid workers will reduce inequality and poverty," said Mrs Turei.

"Higher pay rates for these workers will also reduce the reliance of many low-income New Zealanders on taxpayer-funded financial support.

"The Government needs to take notice of this campaign," said Mrs Turei.
"New Zealand is becoming a society of the haves and have-nots.
"Lifting wages for the lowest paid workers is the single best way to address this widening gap."

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