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Sunday, May 12

Saving our Mothers

In honoring Mother's Day, Save the Children released the 14th annual State of World's Mother report. Based on the report, more than 1 million babies die on the first day of life or 3 million newborns die within the first month  of life.

According to the organization, up to 75% newborn deaths are preventable with basic, cost effective care.

The Save the Children also released the Best and Worst places to be Mother on the basis of Education, income and political representation of women are the other factors.

In the report, United States of America,ranked 30th, more than  half of all the first-day deaths in the industrialized world are in the USA,due in large part to high rates of preterm birth.

Top Ten Best places to be Mother
  1. Finland
  2. Sweden
  3. Norway
  4. Iceland
  5. Netherlands
  6. Denmark
  7. Spain
  8. Belgium
  9. Germany
  10. Australia

Botton Ten Worst places to be Mother

167. Cote d' Ivoire
168. Chad
169. Nigeria
170. Gambia
171. Central African Republic
172. Niger
173. Mali
174. Sierra Leone
175. Somalia
176. DR Congo

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