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Tuesday, July 29

NZ Tourism Arrival High

More 26 percent of international arrivals are expected to grow by 2014.

This was according to new forecast data released yesterday by Tourism Minister Damien O’Connor

The Ministry of Tourism’s New Zealand Tourism Forecasts 2008-2014 estimates that in 2014, well over half a million additional international visitors will travel to New Zealand.

Mr O’Connor said that although the forecast growth rate is fractionally lower due to a number of negative international influences, the overall outlook is positive and this is encouraging for the industry.

“Demand for New Zealand as a tourism destination is affected by a multitude of factors beyond our control, which can sometimes work in our favour, and other times work against us.

“Escalating oil prices and slowing economies in some of our key markets like the US and the UK are already providing a challenge for tourism and every other industry in this country, but it is a challenge faced across the globe. Our ability to compete will depend on delivering a better product than our competitors, ensuring we are environmentally, economically, socially and culturally sustainable,” said Mr O’Connor.

Of the 624,000 extra visitors expected in 2014, the largest contributors are expected to come from six key markets. The two most significant growth markets are expected to be Australia, with a forecast growth of 298,000 people or 30 percent; and China, with a forecast growth of 96,000 or 80 percent.

“Tourism's future depends upon sustainability and delivering greater value from each and every visitor to this country.

“The New Zealand Tourism Strategy 2015 has four fundamental goals for the industry to meet - delivering a world class experience, ensuring the sector attracts ongoing investment, protecting and enhancing our environment and ensuring communities work together.

“It is encouraging to see the long term prospects for tourism remain strong. To have one of our largest industries growing at this sustained rate creates important implications for New Zealand’s overall economic performance and reinforces that we must ensure the sustainable use of our vital tourism resources,” said Mr O’Connor.
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