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Thursday, August 7

Boobs On BIke! No More

Boobs On Bike,2007 Auckland Parade

Boobs On Bike Parade are doom after Auckland mayor John Banks urged police to stop the annual event in the City.

In a radio interview, Mayor John Banks said the City Council recently passed a new bylaw by which events associated with pornography are refused a permit but police say they are unable to stop the parade on indecency grounds.

He noted the Boobs On Bike shows no respect towards woman or families and it is goes ahead,it indicates than New Zealand's attitudes towards decency have badly slipped.

He says the event, which involves bare-breasted women parading down Queen St on open-top cars and on motorbikes, is sleazy.

"This council has unanimously declared publicly that we don't think this adds anything to Queen St Auckland and it is now over to the police to decide whether or not they share our view."

The event is staged to promote the Erotica Lifestyles Expo.

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