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Thursday, August 7

Law Commission will review the Liqour Laws

Law Commission to do full review of liquor laws

Posted: 05 Aug 2008 08:59 PM CDT

A comprehensive two-and-a-half year review of New Zealand's liquor laws will undertake by Law Comssion to bring them into line with current community behaviours and concerns around the use of alcohol,

This was revealed by Associate Justice Minister Lianne Dalziel.

The announcement was made in conjunction with the tabling of the government's Sale and Supply of Liquor and Liquor Enforcement Bill which will give communities a greater say over when, where and how liquor can be sold and will improve the enforcement of liquor policy.

"The time has come to revisit the legal framework, identify the kinds of outcomes we want from 21st century liquor laws, and have a look at the whole balance of rights and responsibilities again." Datziel said

"This Bill addresses some very important and urgent community concerns while the Law Commission gets on with the job of what is essentially a first principles review of New Zealand's liquor laws," Lianne Dalziel said.

The government has approved the terms of reference for the Law Commission to undertake the review and the project will be led by led by Law Commission President the Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Palmer.

However, the government will set up an interdepartmental officials’ committee to provide resources and information about a number of difficult issues that arise under the present law," Lianne Dalziel said.

The Law Commission will also assemble reference groups of community, industry and other relevant representatives to be consulted in the course of the review.

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